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Lisa Hall
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What People Are Saying About Taking Charge of Your Own Health!
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Taking Charge of Your Own Health is a must-read for consumers trying to find their way through the maze of our healthcare system. By relating her own amazing journey and those of others, Ms. Hall enlightens consumers with what clinicians already know: Patients, together with supportive family members, are their own best advocates when seeking high-quality, safe care.”
—Maureen Connor, RN, MPH
Former Vice President for Quality Improvement and Risk Management
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, MA

“Lisa Hall's Taking Charge of Your Own Health is full of wisdom gathered from her own nine-year struggle to regain wellness, as well as being a thorough survey of the less-than-perfect U.S. healthcare system. Follow her lead: Become informed, ask questions, consider the many options available to you, and become an active partner in your own health-and-wellness team!”
—Scott Parazynski, MD
Former NASA Astronaut and Mount Everest summiteer

"I especially like the sections giving advice on ensuring that the physician has adequate written information about previous conditions, medication, and past treatments and the book includes templates for recording these. It would certainly help me to help my patients if they were to follow this advice!"
—Kevin Stewart MB FRCP
Current Institute for Healthcare Improvement Fellow 

"My husband is a surgeon and we both found Lisa Hall's book to be a truly fabulous patient resource. I know from my own personal experience with several medical problems how difficult it can be to navigate the current health care system; I wish I had this book years ago! Lisa covers everything you need to know to help you get the proper diagnosis, seek the appropriate treatment (she even discusses natural therapies) and deal with your insurance company. The book guides you every step of the way so you can regain your health...and your life."
Ivy Larson and Andrew Larson, MD

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